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Carpet Stain Removal with Dyna Wipes wet wipes

Carpet Stains can clean up differently depending upon the type of fiber and density of the carpet.



General Carpet Stains:  Many carpet stains can be removed quickly and easily by simply taking a single  DYNA-WIPE®  towel and rub clockwise and then counter clockwise over the stain until gone.



More difficult stains, such as dried and encrusted carpet stains:

  1. Take a DYNA-WIPE  towel and squeeze out as much liquid as possible over the stain. 
  2. Lay the DYNA-WIPE towel over the stain to help prevent evaporation of the solution. 
  3. Wait approximately 10 minutes, then blot up .
  4. Next rub area in a clockwise - then counter clockwise direction until stain is gone.
  5. Re-apply if necessary.

You will see that the Dyna-Wipes towel is designed to hold in the stain and not transfer back onto the carpet.



NOTE:  Wool & silk fiber carpets are generally not recommended for Dyna-Wipes since many of these fibers are not colorfast.  Always pre-test in inconspicuous area.