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Pet Stain Removal

We love our pets, but just like their owners, they can track in a mess from outside.  When that happens, in most cases you can use DYNA-WIPES® to clean up the messy floors and carpets, as well as the "muck" from the paws and hair of your pet.


Oil or Grease on animal fur:  Pull out a towel of Dyna-Wipes and simply wipe against the natural flow of the fur.  This allows the wipe to get underneath and remove the oil, grease, or tar.  Remember the towel is designed to hold in the grease/oil and not transfer back to the fur.


When all of the grease/oil has been removed with the Dyna-Wipes, bathe the animal with appropriate shampoo and water.  Note:  When using the towel on the animal, keep away from eyes. 


Animal vomit, diahrea and urine stains:

  1. Absorb as much as possible using a paper towel and dispose of excess waste.
  2. Take a DYNA-WIPE towel and squeeze as much liquid from the towel over the pet stain.
  3. Allow liquid to set and penetrate for a few minutes.  This will help to eliminate the odor that may be left behind from the incident.
  4. Simply blot up the soil with the DYNA-WIPE.
  5. If necessary you can re-apply using a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion to remove any stain shadow.


TRUE CAT STORY:   Our house cat, Sassy, escaped outside and got into our neighbor's oil pan.  We first tried to shampoo the cat, but the oil simply just jelled up on Sassy. It was a mess.  Thankfully, I thought of Dyna-Wipes.  It took 6 towels but, to our delight, the oil was absorbed by the towel and stayed there.  No more Jelly!  We then gave Sassy a shampoo and she was oil free.   We would not be without these unique wipes--they are wonderful!


TRUE DOG STORY:  Dan was painting outside his house.  His golden retriever, Murphy, walked through the paint tray and proceeded into the house walking over floors, carpets and deck.  Dan grabbed his Dyna-Wipes and took the paint off of Murphy's paws.  Next he used the Dyna-Wipes to remove all of the paint stains throughout the house before his wife got home.  He said "Dyna-Wipes saved my butt ".