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Industrial, Mechanical and Maintenance Cleaning

Dyna-Wipes for Industry is not just your ordinary wipe.  It has unique cleaning abilities which is time saving and money saving for industry. The faster the job gets done, the greater the profit.


Dyna-Wipes are Great for


  • Painters
  • Cement Masons
  • Commercial Fisherman
  • Car & Truck Dealers
  • Motorcycle Shps
  • Long-Haul Truckers
  • Any manufacturing Plant
  • Airports
  • Rental Companies
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbers
  • Schools
  • Landscapers
  • Industrial Plants
  • Utility Companies
  • Agriculture / Farmers
  • Welders
  • Florists

It has a unique ability to clean up anything from mechanics grease to Black Jack roof cement, or  tough urethane sealants quickly and easily.  Dyna-wipes cleans equpment stains and soils from grime build-up, road tar, old paint oxidation and more.
With our Dyna-Wipes cleaning solution combined with our unique towel,  the result is that grease and dirt cling to the wipe and does not transfer back to the hands or surface.  This is a great breakthrough.  No more smears on the surface.  The wipe lifts it off and inbeds it into the towel.  Great as a waterless hand cleaner -- Just Wipe and Go. Replaces the use of harmful chemicals to the hands. A Ready-to-Use cleaning wipe. Job done!


  1. The original Dyna-Wipes of 120 sheets in a sturdy tub with handle.  The wet wipes are smooth on both sides but are perforated throughout to hold in the grease and grime with the towel.
  2. Dyna-Wipes original with 25 Sheets in a portable plastic canister with a cap to pull out the sheets. 

DYNA-WIPES for Painters is our latest addition to the Dyna-Wipes line.  The solution is a little bit stronger for heavy-duty painting applications.  It is available in a 25 count plastic canister with the smooth wipe towel.


These Dyna-Wipes are TOUGH - NOT ROUGH!


Now, If you want a tougher wipe, add DYNA-WIPES MUSCLE to those heavy-duty cleaning jobs!


Dyna-Wipes Muscle has 80 sheets in a tub with handle.  The same solution is injected into a

dual-textured wipe.  This cleaning wipe is smooth on one side and textured on the other.  This textured side can aide in additional scrubbing applications for surfaces and hands.


A few items Dyna-Wipes can Remove

Odors from Hands such as diesel , gasoline and fish smells, Coffee Stains, Glues and residue from labels, Caulking, Permanent Marker from hands and most surfaces, including carpet, Tree Pitch, Grease from hands and tools, Paint -  Removes even dried paint, Labels & Glue Residue, Pipe Cement, Most Inks, Urethane Sealants, Black Jack roof cement , Polyurethane sealants


Cleans Graffiti


DYNA-WIPES are used as a light, general graffiti remover.  Dyna-wipes will remove permanent marker, graffiti, ball point pen, etc.  Dyna-wipes can be used in bathroom stalls, lockers, buses, schools and more.
Public Transportation uses Dyna-Wipes to remove graffiti from buses, subways, light rail etc.  Schools use them with the buildings and restrooms and buses.
Removing markers, pens, paint and whatever kids can think of can be removed, in general, with a Dyna-Wipes.
Dyna-wipes is also used by the Police departments for removing finger print dyes from hands and surfaces.


Hand Cleaner 

    As a hand cleaner, Dyna-Wipes can't be beat! You simply pull out the pre-moistened towel and "Wipe & Go".
NO WATER NEEDED!  You can clean up any place, anywhere!.  This wet wipe also removes odors from your hands --  like diesel and gasoline odors, fish and onion smells!
Dyna-Wipes will remove from your hands with one towel...


  • Black Jack roofing cement and urethane sealants (people who work with these products say that can never get it off - it just has to wear off their hands).  Not any more with Dyna-Wipesl
  • Permanent markers
  • Many inks
  • Grease
  • Urethane sealants
  • Dried paint, varnish or wet paint ... and much more!
  • Cement powders -   For Cement Masons, a Dyna-Wipe can keep their hands from drying, cracking and bleeding in most cases.

Unlike other wipes, Dyna-Wipes does not dry out your hands.  It contains 4 skin conditioners, including aloe and vitamin E.   This moist wipe has a great clean scent and softens the hands rather than leaving them dry and cracked.