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Cleaning Products & Supplies

When making out your list for cleaning supplies whether for the home or industry, add  Dyna-Wipes to your list.   It is a great time saver and it does the job when other cleaners fail.


For large applications, you will need the mops, buckets, bulk cleaners, rags, floor buffers, vaccuum cleaners, carpet machines, blowers to dry large areas etc. You may also have to open the windows to let out toxic smells or humidity.   Later come back to close the windows.  Next, you have to put away everything your pulled out back to its storage place. 


If needed, that's what you have to do.  BUT....for those inbetween cleanups, Dyna-Wipes is the ticket.  Simply pull out a moist wipe from the dispening container and Wipe & Go!  This will not only be very effective and a quick time saver; but it should stretch out your time before you have to do those larger jobs.


Dyna-Wipes makes sense.  It is an essential cleaning supply.


You can do more types of cleaning with a Dyna-wipes then you can with any liquid cleaning in the marketplace today.