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Stain Removal

When you get a stain on something, do you go to your stash of liquid cleaners, powdered cleaners or aerosol spray cleaners?  Take one or all of them to the work area.   Then do you look around the house to find a clean rag for the project.  Do you need gloves?  Do you need a mask?  Do you need to open a window? ALL THIS FOR A STAIN!!
We believe DYNA-WIPES is "KING" in the stain removal kingdom.  This moist cleaning wipe is so simple to use.  Pull out a towel, blot or rub on the spot as needed and you're done.  You will also notice the nice citrus fragrance of the towel -- no mask needed!  Then once the towel is dry, simply dispose of it in your waste basket.  You will also notice that your waste basket will smell more pleasant too.    Easy-Squeezy!