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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dyna-Wipes?

Dyna-Wipes were originally created as a unique waterless hand cleaner combined with a heavy-duty cleaning towel.  The special formula has dissolving agents for grease and grime that quickly dries after use.  The result is hands are clean and protected with four skin conditioners, including aloe and vitamin E.


What else can Dyna-Wipes clean?

You, the customer, have been letting us know many other ways you are using Dyna-Wipes for your cleaning projects.  One of you even nicknamed it the "goof" cleaner.  Some of your suggestions are listed in the "Places to Use" area to help others get an idea of howDyna-Wipes can solve some of their cleaning problems.


Are Dyna-Wipes economical?

Yes!   They are very economical when you consider the use of rags and cleaners, plus the time saved by having the convenience of a multiple cleaner in one.  Your time is Valuable Too!


Are there any recommendations or cautions made when using Dyna-Wipes?

Yes.  We recommend pre-testing plastic surfaces for compatibility.  Dyna-Wipes may not be suited for certain clear plastics such as plexiglas or styrene,  Items such as computer screens, microwaves, VCR's and vehicle instrument panels may be made of these plastics.  Do NOT use on any item with a protective finish, such as brass or finished furniture.


Are Dyna-Wipes friendly?

Yes!  Dyna-Wipes has four skin conditioners and is non-flammable!  After use, simply discard as a normal paper towel.


Are Dyna Wipes wet wipes?

Yes,   Dyna-Wipe is a wet wipe, but it is more than just a wet wipe.

Dyna-Wipes is none of the above - but has more applications than all the above wipes combined.


Is there anything else I should know?

Dyna-Wipes is a great tool for cleaning; however, be aware that we do not guarantee the same results in every situation due to the many varying conditions.  As a rule, pre-test surfaces in an inconspicuous area for compatability.