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Places to Use Dyna Wipes

Places to use in the home


  • Stainless Steel Surfaces (Read below) *
  • Vinyl Windows - Screen Cleaning
  • Venition Blinds
  • Garment Spot Removal
  • Make-up removal from most fabrics
  • Paint Overspray on windows
  • Paint Overspray on baseboard
  • Coffee Stains
  • Permanent Marker
  • Crayon Marks on Walls (Read below) **
  • Tape Residue on glass and metals
  • Leather Tennis Shoes
  • Golf Clubs & Sports Equipment

Other Household Cleaning Uses


  • RV's  & Campers - Removes black streaks
  • Boats - Cleans boats quick & easily
  • Fishing gear - Cleans hands and tools --removes odor
  • Hobbies - Sewing and crafts  -  Removes glues
  • Sports - Cleans hands & equipment, Cleans Soccer Balls, Golf Clubs, Basball gear, etc. 
  • Garage Cleaning - Cleans tools and surfaces quickly
  • Cars - Remove tree pitch and road tar. Also can remove many stains from leather car seats.
  • Painting - An easy cleanup on hands and equipment
  • Camping -  Replaces many bulky cleaners
  • Hot Tubs - Removes tub oil rings
  • Outdoor garden - Cleans hands and tools
  •  Rental Cleanup - These wet wipes are quick & easy

And the list of uses keeps getting longer.....


 * In general, when cleaning stainless steel appliances, always clean "with the grain" of the stainless.  Also, after using our wet wipes for cleaning stainless steel, use a dry clean cloth to buff "with the grain".  This will remove our skin conditioners from the surface of the stainless, leaving a clean surface.


** Crayons contain wax which is extremely difficult to remove safely from a painted wall.


SUGGESTION:  Warm the crayon with a hair dryer (since it is a wax) and wipe off the excess, then use the Dyna-wipes gently to remove the rest of the stain.  Rub gently to avoid removing the paint from the wall