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Home Cleaning Wipes

Want a time saver in home cleaning?  Dyna-Wipes will become your best friend. It is quick - simple to use -and a safe disposable wipe.


Dyna-Wipes is a wet wipe which tackles heavy-duty cleaning jobs but is fortified with 4 skin conditioners used by the cosmetic industry, plus it smells good.


For the home "grease monkey" -- it a must for the garage and home projects:
Dyna-Wipes is a great hand wet wipe. One towel will do it with ease and with no harsh or flammable chemicals.  You don't need to put on your skin harsh & flammable solvents to do your cleanup.
Dyna-Wipes is tough on home projects but not on the home owner!


Stain Removal

When you get a stain on something, do you go to your stash of liquid cleaners, powdered cleaners or aerosol spray cleaners?  Take one or all of them to the work area.   Then do you look around the house to find a clean rag for the project.  Do you need gloves?  Do you need a mask?  Do you need to open a window? ALL THIS FOR A STAIN!!
We believe DYNA-WIPES is "KING" in the stain removal kingdom.  This moist cleaning wipe is so simple to use.  Pull out a towel, blot or rub on the spot as needed and you're done.  You will also notice the nice citrus fragrance of the towel -- no mask needed!  Then once the towel is dry, simply dispose of it in your waste basket.  You will also notice that your waste basket will smell more pleasant too.    Easy-Squeezy!
Grease, Tar, Asphalt, Dog Paw Muck, Permanent Marker, Pitch and sauces. Liquids such as wine, catsup, kool aid, fruit juice etc. Laundry pre-spotter
Cleaning Instructions.  Just squeeze the liquid from the towel and let set for 8-10 minutes, then wash normally.  If it doesn't work the first time, try agan and agitate with a soft brush before washing.
Note:  The more pourous the fabric, such as natural cotton, the more difficult the cleaning.


Floor Cleaning

There are many floor cleaning products in the marketplace today.  That is a good thing; because manufacturers are developing more choices in flooring.
Dyna-Wipes is a great solution for removing:

Scuff marks, spills, grease, stains; paints, oils and more from:

  • Linoleum
  • Tiles
  • Polymer type tiles and flooring

Note:   Dyna-Wipes, however, may not be suited for natural wood floors that have been stained or sealed; because our cleaning wipe will remove paints and varnishes.  You must pre-test first.  (However, they have removed soils when nothing else would work..)


Carpet Cleaning

Nothing can be more frustrating than carpet spots.  Instead of hauling out that bulky carpet cleaning machine, let Dyna-Wipes help.
Dyna-Wipes will clean floors and carpets in most cases.

  • Example 1:  Someone walks in from the garage with grease on their shoes. Use our cleaning wipes.
  • Example 2:  The dog trouts in with grass stains or mud.  Dyna-Wipes will clean the carpet spots and the dog's paws. 
  • Example 3:  You have an old stain that never came out.  Try these pre-moistened cleaning wipes.  It should help.  We have not seen a carpet spot yet that has not been improved with Dyna-Wipes.
  • Example 4:  Kids are playing with markers.  Dyna-Wipes should remove most markers, including permanent markers, out of a synthetic carpets.  Note:  Natural Fiber carpets may not have the same results.
  • Example 5:  A guest spills a glass of wine or juice on your carpet.   Use the Dyna-Wipes as suggested below.

Note:  If you have a liquid stain or a tough stain,  Blot up (do not rub in) as much liquid as you can.  Squeeze the solution from the wet wipe over the stained area and let it absorb in.  Wait for a little while and "BLOT" up with a Dyna-Wipe.  Rub the soiled area clockwise and the counter-clockwise.  Repeat if necessary.