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Show Animal Preparation & Cleaning

When show animals are involved - perfection is the goal.  Much work goes into these animals, but sometimes there are last-minute incidents that can flaw the presentation.  That's where DYNA-WIPES can be of assistance.                    


Preparation and Cleaning of Show Animals:


Keep DYNA-WIPES handy when you need cleaning touch-ups of your show animals.  Use Dyna-Wipes as a spot cleaner on your dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs and cows for that last-minute preparation and cleaning.


Note:  It is recommended that you keep wipes away from eye area. 


TRUE STORIES at  4-H Horse Shows


Story 1:  In preparation for the horse competition, black dye was applied to the horse''s hoof.   The horse moved and some of the dye got on the horse's foreleg as well as on the hands of the owner.  One DYNA-WIPE

towel removed both the dye from the horses's leg as well as the hands of the owner.  Quick and Easy.

Story 2:  Just minutes before entering the arena, Tina's white horse "took a poop" and stained its rear.  Quickly she grabbed a DYNA-WIPE and swiped the stained area and in a snap, the stain was gone.    They were ready to go.


Dyna-Wpes can be used in helping these show animals look #1.         


Horse Saddles:  Dyna-wipes can also do a quick cleanup on horse saddles too.    It may save you valuable time for other things.