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Like Magic

"Erased permanent marker from computer monitor!"

Best cleaning product!
"I have been using these to clean various items in my kitchen. I am truly AMAZED at the way they clean the greasy surfaces that have always been difficult to clean with regular cleaning solutions (such as the top of the kitchen ceiling fan blades, the top of the kitchen cabinets, etc.). The greasy dirt comes right off without scrubbing!!!! Thank you for a Wonderful Product!"

Excellent Product
"I purchased this product for the many uses it can be applied too. I put it to good use the first day. The kids brought grease in on our Living Room Floor. I just rob for a few seconds and it brought it right up! Made it smell good to."

Spotless Car
"The interior of our car is a light tan color and so when we purchased the car I was wondering how we would ever keep it clean. The first dirty spot I found I pulled out all of my stain removers and quickly found that the only one that worked was the Dyna Wipes. Our car continues to be stain free on the hard surfaces, as well as the carpeting. They also work great for stains on counters, but for pots and pans I use something else. The lid could be a tighter seal to keep the wipes from drying out. I will always buy them just for my car alone."

Great for mechanics!!
"I decided to try these wipes for household cleaning. My husband and son are mechanics and work here at our home. They have always had "mechanic hands", but no more! Every bit of black grease comes off, even under fingernails, with these wipes! Amazing!! Thank you SO much!!"

Amazing Product
"I bought a home last year and put these wipes in the middle of the house and used them to clean everything. This product made cleaning a breeze. I can't say enough good things about these wipes."

Got to Have Them!
"These wipes are the absolute best thing I have ever purchased from anywhere! We have used them for carpet stains, to clean the inside of our vehicles, to get the grease stains out of the washer and dryer from my husband's work clothes, to clean collectible dolls - you name it - we have used them for absolutely everything, and no stain or dirt has been too tough for them yet!"


Good Cleaning Product
"The wipes cleaned everything hawaii can dirty. Hawaii has thebest red dirty stains and dyna wipes took it off. It's great on stainless steel, it makes it really shiney. I need to really order me more buckets of your Dyna-Wipes. Aloha from Hawaii."


Great Product 
"These are great at removing gasoline odor from my hands. I tried scrubing with a brush and heavy duty hand cleaners but could not get rid of the smell. Just wiped my hands with one of these wipes and odor is gone. These wipes have a clean citrus smell that is not too strong to be annoying. Also if you have ever painted with oil base paint and gotten some on your stained woodwork - these will remove the dried ( worked for me 48 & 72 hours after painting)oil base paint. It will require elbow grease but it will remove the dried paint. I use these all the time when painting - great product."

LOVE, Love, love these wipes!

"I am on my third order(really wish you would put them on AD) and I use them for EVERYTHING....kitchen, bathroom, outside, inside and everything in between. I get one in my hand and go to town. Great on grease and sticky messes. LOVE them!!"

Magic In the School
"I am a high school science teacher and bought two of these Dyna-Wipes...one for home and one for the lab. I cannot figure how we lived without them! We clean desks (students ask for them when the grime seems to build up). In the last two weeks Dyna-Wipes picked up nailpolish off of the floor (accidentally fell out of a girl's purse) saving us from looking at a permanent pink stain. Another student came in with gum on his shoes...asked what can I do?..yep, Dyna-Wipes to the rescue!! Lab aides safely use the wipes for regular lab cleaning and as a teacher I do not worry about my students using strong chemicals. At home Dyne-Wipes has been an equal treasure."

Great Product 
"I have used these outside the house and inside the house. Worked on everything although some needed a little elbow grease. But the best was when I was able to get butter grease out of my new Quacker Factory tee shirt. I had to rub a lot but the shirt looks like new! No stain."

Dyna wipes in Florida must
"We have love bugs twice a year, and at times they are so bad you have to stop and clean your windshield so you can see to drive. I tried Dyna-Wipes and they remove the bugs from the front of my car & even on the hot glass of the windshild. Wake up Florida, you can see to drive again! They are that good."

Nothing Compares
"I was surprised to see that no reviewer mentioned the absolute best use for Dynawipes. cannot overstate how handy well these work for cleaning up while painting or staining. My first time to use them was while touching up walnut stain on woodwork. I got stain on the wall, flat paint no less! I was amazed and pleased to find a wipe took it right off without smearing it all over. Recently I was caught without any, and purchased a similar product in the store. No comparison. The best by far."

These really work
"I find I use these wipes on anything that is hard to clean. I used them on my car which had tar from road construction, and spray paint (from where I ran over a can). These wipes took everything off. Highly recommended!!"

The Best wipes ever! 
"These wipes are fabulous. I have 3 animals and my oldest and youngest are always making messes. These are great take all stains out completely. If you wear nail polish you need to wear gloves. It comes off, hey you dont need to buy nail polish remover HUH!"

Best Purchase
"I recently moved and could not have moved without them. They clean everything. They are just the best. Whenever we would come upon something seemingly impossible to clean I would say get me the wipes, and it was clean!"

They are stupendous!
"I have used these to pre-spot laundry and carpet that have grease spots. My husband and sons who work on cars and construction think they are awesome. They clean better than any hand soap on the market and are kind to hands."

Convenient product 
"These wipes work extremely well. They are just as amazing as shown on TV. Also, very easy to use and they are not drying to the skin."

Great for everthing!
"I bought these to clean my painted cabinets. They took dirt off I didn't even know was there. The cabinets look so fresh and clean now. Also used it on the metal baseboard heaters. Fantastic. It smells like an orange cleaner, very fresh. I love them!"

Great Product!
"When I ordered this product, I assumed it would be for use in the garage. Although I do keep it there, I found the best use was when I went camping this summer. I kept them in the back of my SUV and they were very very helpful while hooking up/unhooking the trailer. The grease on the hitch got all over my hands and the wipes were perfect for me. They were not too soapy like Wet Ones are and they got the grease off. Good smell and did not dry out my hands. I highly recommend them to anyone, especially if you are hitching up your trailer!"

Best Cleaning Wipes Period
"These wipes are fabulous. I haven't found anything I can't clean with them. They smell fresh and are great. I even took Sharpe  Marker doodles off my sewing machine with them.. FANTASTIC PRODUCT..."

"WOW!- These work great. We have used them on everything from removing rust on bolts (so we could turn them) to actually using  them for cleaning! They work great. Both my husband and I think this is a great product. I don't think we will be without them now that we've found them."

We're never without this! 
"Dyna wipes has proven to be one of those products you can't be without. It cleans leather sneakers and it takes paint splatters off the rug (yes, I can attest to that!). My husband keeps this down in the garage, but I'm always running down for a sheet to clean something. I haven't found anything it doesn't clean! Used it on very dirty patio furniture-CLEAN. On myself when I'm painting... .on the whites of automobile tires.. the list goes on. This is an outstanding product."

Cleans Everything!!
"I stand by these 100 percent. I have not met a stain they won't remove. And for all you moms out there, they are fantastic at  removing Sharpie permanent markers from furniture!! They are tough on stains, yet gentle on the things being cleaned as well as hands. Oh, and ladies, they DO remove nail polish, so get out those gloves to save the manicure! I would have to say this is the best product I have ever bought.. and I have bought A LOT of products over the years."

Won't be without this....
"Have lost track of how many times I have reordered this over the years. It can do anything."

"I can't take many smells at all - but these work wonderfully on grease and all dirt and don't smell bad at all! Love them."

Works great
"It works GREAT on grease in the kitchen. Removed grease stains I had not been able to get rid of with my other cleaners. For  older baked stains on stove it took some muscle but easily cleaned grease from tile and overhead stove fan. Really loved it.  CAUTION: use gloves if you are wearing nail polish, it takes it right off."

"They smell wonderful, an orangey scent. I have yet to try the on anything that it didn't work. Including dried on latex paint on metal and glass fireplace doors from the previous homeowner.They are excellent. I always keep a back up around."

Wonderful help
"I have ordered this item three times and it is the most helpful item I have ever used. I have decided that I will not be without these useful wipes."

These really work 
"I use these for heavy stains. I had road tar on the bottom of my car from driving in a constrution area, & had tried every thing. These wipes took all of it right off with just a little bit of applied pressure. This is just one example, I have to many too include, trust me you'll love these!"


"Makes cleaning so easy. The grit, grease and tar just melts away."